Helping Irondequoit Plan for Progress


Local Landmark Application Letter
August 2022

Dear Fellow Resident,

Our HIPP Community Group (Helping Irondequoit Plan for Progress) – has been actively working to preserve the building at the corner of Cooper and Titus (as of late, home to the Cooper Deli, Titus Tavern, Personal Designs Florist, and Genier Security). HIPP is working on this preservation effort after repeated unsuccessful efforts to contact the building owner about his plans for the property.

This historic designation process is the only tool that HIPP can use to initiate a community conversation with the owner.

We submitted an application to the Irondequoit Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) to designate this building as a local landmark. By NY State law, any resident is allowed to apply for this designation even if they don’t own the building.

Our application for this historic designation is based on the fact that this building has been on this corner for almost 100 years (since 1926), and it is part of the cultural and social history of the town of Irondequoit.

This application will be heard by the IHPC at their monthly meeting on Thursday October 27th 7:30 PM at Irondequoit Town Hall in the Broderick Room. THIS IS A CHANGE OF DATE FROM THE ORIGINAL HEARING DATE (8/15/22).

We need as many folks as possible to attend this meeting to show their support for preserving this building. I hope that you can come to this hearing, and that you’ll spread the word to friends and family to attend as well.

If you aren’t able to attend the meeting, please take a moment to show your support by sending a written note.

Written comments may be submitted via standard mail to:

Michelle Nichols, Secretary
Irondequoit Town Hall
1280 Titus Avenue
Rochester, NY 14617

And/or e-mail to: mnichols@irondequoit.gov.

Written comments should be postmarked no later than Thursday, October 20, 2022 or submitted electronically no later than 4:00pm Monday October 24, 2022.



Ann Burns
Helping Irondequoit Plan for Progress (HIPP)

New Rite Aid Sign

HIPP works diligently to ensure that new commercial development in the Titus-Cooper-Hudson Neighborhood adheres to the Mixed Use Zoning Code and the Master Plan Design Guidelines. Since the Master Plan was approved, HIPP has advocated on almost 6 dozen commercial and sign applications, providing written comments and appearing before the Planning Board, Zoning Board, and Town Board. Here's the latest success at Rite Aid!

Little Free Library

More public art for the Titus-Cooper-Hudson District!!! HIPP was fortunate to have I.H.S. artists Nora VanDerMeid and Madison Anderson turn a newspaper box from Batavia News into this clever Little Free Library featuring Irondequoit’s agricultural history and farm stands. Huge thanks also to Irondequoit artist Craig Wilson who was instrumental in the conversion of the newspaper box.

Irondequoit’s latest Little Library is next to the memorial bench at the Irondequoit United Church of Christ on Titus Avenue. Stop by to grab a book or drop a book!

Neighborhood Enhancement Program

This successful citizen-led budget initiative spearheaded by the Town of Irondequoit has allowed HIPP to further implement the Titus-Cooper-Hudson Master Plan. Begun in 2015, the NEP has helped HIPP provide the following:

    2017-2018 - 2 Sided Public Kiosk at 45 Cooper Road (See more in the Public Art Section of the Website)
    2019 – Design of a raised planted traffic calming median on Hudson Avenue at Titus Avenue.
    2022 – Planted 8 large flower pots on Titus Avenue and Cooper Road

You can learn more about the Neighborhood Enhancement Program here.

Sidewalk Addition
June, 2020

After many years, HIPP’s application to the Town of Irondequoit for federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding has been approved to install a concrete sidewalk from the Titus entrance of Irondequoit Plaza over to Hudson Avenue to make this important pedestrian connection. Thank you Town of Irondequoit!

Chase Bank Parking Lot Reconstruction

Working with representatives of Chase Bank and the Town Planning Board, HIPP helped influence the important renovation of this essential corner in the heart of our town. HIPP began working on planning the re-design of this shared parking area in 2006.

Holiday Decorating on Titus

Our holiday decorations line Titus every year! Stay tuned for photos.

Summer Flower Pots

Since 1999 HIPP has orchestrated the planting of flowers in the Titus-Cooper-Hudson Neighborhood. A small army of dedicated volunteers keep these watered all summer long!

Walking Tour with Tour Blend
July, 2020

The south side of the community kiosk in front of the Evans-McGraw Learning Center (45 Cooper Road) houses past, present, and future information about the Titus.Cooper.Hudson Neighborhood. This includes a wayfinding map of the area, historic photos with descriptions, and a link to access digital walking information about the neighborhood from Tour Blend. Get the app and enjoy the tours! tourblend.com

Planted Spaces

Besides the Titus Flower Pots, HIPP also planted and maintains the hosta bed in front of the Evans & McGraw Learning Center (45 Cooper Road) and the tall pots in front of the former Cam’s Pizza Shop.

Hudson Median
Work in Progress

HIPP is working hard applying for funding to implement the design of the Traffic Calming Median on Hudson Avenue at Titus Avenue. This median will offer an important connection for pedestrians, and especially our students, travelling to and from school each day.