Helping Irondequoit Plan for Progress


Neighborhood Enhancement Program
September 2017

This successful citizen-led budget initiative spearheaded by the Town of Irondequoit has allowed HIPP to further implement the Titus-Cooper-Hudson Master Plan. Begun in 2015, the NEP has helped HIPP provide the following:

    2015 – Additional large planting pots on Titus Avenue with annual and perennial plantings.
    2016 – Design of a raised planted traffic calming median on Hudson Avenue at Titus Avenue.
    2017 – HIPP is applying for funding to install a 2 sided informational kiosk to house student art work from nearby Irondequoit High School in addition to neighborhood historical and tour content.

You can learn more about the Neighborhood Enhancement Program here.

New Businesses
September 2017

Please be sure to stop by to patronize our newest local businesses in the Titus-Cooper-Hudson Neighborhood!

Holiday Decorating on Titus
November, 2017

Our holiday decorations will be lining Titus Avenue soon! Stay tuned for photos.

Summer Flower Pots
September, 2017

Spectacular summer on Titus Avenue! Immense thanks to all of our volunteers who give their time to keep all these flower pots watered.

Fourth of July Parade
September, 2017

Thanks for coming out to the Fourth of July parade!